SYNDICATE .. with any luck ill get this out as soon as possible…. being my first theme i think i have underestimated the whole process lol …still its been a great for experience thus far….

ok so what im going for: i really enjoy a minimal feel, which is great because my Ps skill set isnt quite where id like it so thats worked out ok… i wanted a flat feel with a lil depth to give it a bit of attitiude. ive had a lot of inspiration over the years and ive tried to bring some of those past themes back to life a wee bit with my own touch of course….im not a graphic designer or anything like that and i dont sit behind a computer 24 hours a day either… i dont play mine craft, COD or any of that, my main aim in life is to see as many boobs as possible and no fucker will ever achieve that strapped to a computer…. and thats what this theme is about! simple.


CUSTOMFOLDERICONS : An incredibly simple tweak that allows the user to replace the default folder icon with a custom icon by @magn2o 👍